Majlis Perasmian Koperasi DinarDirham Berhad (KODINAR)

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Kejayaan demi kejayaan di kecapi oleh DinarDirham. Today is the day we make history again. The first ever cooperative in Malaysia that using Blockchain technology in their platform is already here!

Koperasi Dinar Dirham Berhad memeterai MoU bersama Koperasi Dinar Indonesia untuk penggunaan Dinar Coin dalam urusan Umrah 2017 di Indonesia dengan disaksikan Ybhg Dato’ Pengerusi Eksekutif Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia. Dengan termeterainya MoU antara 2 koperasi di 2 negara ini, dijangkakan 25,000 Dinar Coin akan mula digunakan dalam transaksi umrah di indonesia sebagai permulaan tahun 2017.

Semoga usaha kecil dari Malaysia ini yg disambut oleh Indonesia akan jadi peneraju dalam perjuangan memartabatkan kembali matawang Dinar di seluruh dunia nanti.

Terima kasih kepada sahabat seperjuangan kita Pak Andi Sapran atas inisiatif hebat bersama ini.

Koperasi DinarDirham Berhad (KODINAR) was launched today by our own Executive Chairman of Malaysian Cooperative Societies Commission (SKM). Thank you for all the supports that been given by all parties from the first day the company started their legacy until we can see now its involved to a huge empire.

Well first and foremost, i would like to click here congratulate to both of the co founders of this technology itself Mr Arai Bin Ezzra and Mrs Yanie Laling Al-Banjari. Without their dedicated efforts to build up this great innovation it wont become a reality today. And of course, thanks to the supports given from KODINAR, Mohd Razaimie Abd Rahim and Dato Amart Power that believes in this technology that gonna bring a huge impact and changes to the real market soon.

Last but not least to all the teams and members of DinarDirham. This not gonna be happened if there is no supports given from you guys. Take this journey as our own victory and reward to our self. Let success be our noise.

At first people will ask why you’re doing this, later they’ll ask how you did it. So just believe in yourself and keep moving forward. In sha Allah kita akan berjaya!!! Aminn.

Your Gold, Our Technology.
The Future Is Now!

Kita Terbang Sama Sama
Kita Menang Sama Sama
Ketika Kita memang Kita Bangga
Ketika Kita Kalah Kita SETIA!

Your Gold, Our Technology!

The Future Is Now!

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